Meet the board – Kimberley Robbins

1. Why did you join the board of AWA?

Originally from the Central Coast of NSW. I am married and have lived in Western Australia for 32 years; I just about have “local” status. I am passionate about my family, empowering the disadvantaged, reading, the beach and a competitive rower. I am the legal and financial guardian for my brother (whom I adore) who is 56 with Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s. When the advertisement came out for an AWA Board Member, I jumped at the chance after experiencing for myself the difficulties of sourcing information and services for the disabled community. Everyone has the right to express themselves and be heard.

2. How does your experience inform your engagement and participation in AWA board business?

I am a current board member of an international organisation that I have been a member of for 15 years. I manage, alongside my husband, our business of 30 years and I am engaged in a few community organisations and regular events. I believe my experience with all these things will bring added value and input into the AWA board business.

3. What do you enjoy most about being on the board AWA?

I enjoy participating in the decision-making processes, contribute insights and ideas to help shape AWA’s advocacy efforts. I will enjoy helping develop strategies and collaborating with other board members to effectively advocate for clients’ needs and rights. I hope to make an impact in advancing AWA’s vision and mission.

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