Legal Issues/Justice - Support to Resolve Legal/Guardianship Matters

Advocacy WA can walk alongside you to ensure you are getting the right help with a legal problem, including from a lawyer.

How can Advocacy WA support you:

  • While we do not have lawyers in-house, we can refer you to an appropriate legal service for legal advice or representation. 
  • Our advocates will support you to understand and comply with court directions following legal advice from qualified lawyers. 
  • Referral to other support services depending on your legal matter.
  • Support with application for guardianship or to revoke guardianship orders. 
  • Liaise, negotiate and sometimes mediate on your behalf if the person hasn’t been charged. 
  • Making sure your voice is heard when attending legal advice appointments.

Child protection Matters for People with Disability

Guardianship Applications and Reviews

Support Accessing Legal Advice for People with Disability

Disability Discrimination in Education and Employment