Access Issues (Community, Transport, Buildings and Facilities)

Advocates play a crucial role in ensuring that individuals living with disability have equal access to buildings, transportation, and community services, fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment.

How can Advocacy WA support you:

Access to Community Services:

  • Advocate for inclusive practices within community services to ensure accessibility for all.
  • Support in navigating paperwork, applications, and communication for individuals wanting to connect with disability-friendly community services and programs.

Public Transport:

  • Advocate for accessible public transportation options and accommodations. 
  • Provide information on accessible routes, services, and assistive technologies available for individuals with disabilities.
  • Assist in addressing challenges such as lack of ramps, elevators, or accessible seating on public transport.

Buildings and Facilities:

  • Advocate for the modification of buildings and facilities to comply with accessibility standards. 
  • Collaborate with relevant authorities to ensure public spaces, government buildings, and facilities are designed with inclusivity in mind.
  • Support individuals in filing complaints or appeals regarding inaccessible buildings and facilities.
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