Dealing with the Health or Education System

Advocacy WA can walk alongside you to ensure you are getting the right help with a health system issue such as access, safety, respect, information provision, privacy concerns and providing feedback to the healthcare provider.

How can Advocacy WA support you:

  • The advocate will work with you and your healthcare provider to resolve the issue.
  • If no resolution is reached between parties, the advocate will support you to escalate your matter to appropriate authorities. 
  • Advocates will support you access legal advice if your matter requires a legal opinion.

Community Education and Training

Supports for People with Disability in Education

Advocacy WA can support people living with disability with issues they are having with their education provider (schools, TAFE, University).

How can Advocacy WA support you:

  • Advocate for your rights and needs within the education system.
  • Support you communicate to the education institution regarding your concerns.
  • Support you submit a complaint to the relevant persons/board according to the education institution complaint procedure. (if needed).
  • Attend meetings organised by the education institution alongside you, and advocate for you at the meeting.
  • Support you to escalate the matter to relevant persons or organisations (if needed).