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Shire of Capel

Dalyellup Community Hall

Weds 21 Feb 2024

Community Advocate, Sara Gunning facilitated a workshop at Dalyellup Community Centre on Weds 21 Feb to gather community input into the Shire of Capel’s Access & Inclusion Plan.    

The Shire is reviewing its Access & Inclusion Plan, which aims to improve inclusivity and accessibility for community members including people with disability, their families and carers; people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds; First Nations People; the elderly; LGBTQIA+ communities; people experiencing financial hardship and people who experience other access and inclusion issues such as temporary illnesses or injuries, and parents with prams.   

The Shire of Capel continues to seek feedback from community members and local service providers and would love to hear your opinions about:

  1. What are the priority areas for improving accessibility in the Shire of Capel?  Are their specific locations or facilities that require immediate attention?
  1. What are the priority areas for improving inclusivity in the Shire of Capel?
  1. What measures can the Shire of Capel implement to ensure that digital platforms and online services are accessible to all residents, including those with visual or hearing impairments?
  1. Are there any opportunities for collaboration with your organisation/agency to support accessibility and inclusion in the Shire of Capel?
  1. Do you know of any resources in the Southwest that the Shire of Capel could leverage to maximise the impact of our accessibility efforts?
  1. Do you know of any grant opportunities or other sources of funding available to support accessibility and inclusion projects?

Community members and service providers are also invited to be a part of the Shire’s Access & Inclusion Reference Group which meets 4 times a year during the day, and will play a crucial role in developing the new Access & Inclusion Plan.   

If you have any feedback or are interested in being part of the Access & Inclusion Reference Group, please contact Donna Sims, Community Development Coordinator at Shire of Capel dsims@capel.wa.gov.au.

Interested in improving customer service and making your organisation more accessible? Find out more about our accessibility training and consultations at:


or contact Sara Gunning at community@advocacywa.org.au or 0499 014 110

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