Collie Family Centre/ Collie Community House, 5 Forrest Street / PO Box 773, Collie WA 6225

Lovely staff, wide doors, good parking and accessibility. Rooms are spacious and facilitate confidentiality.

Slopes: There are no slopes are at the Collie Family Centre Solid surface pathway or gravel etc. There is a solid concrete pathway skirting the center building.

Automatic entry/exit door: No automatic entry, door is quite heavy to open, and narrow as it is a bit outdated.

Doorway access for wheelchairs: - There is no specific access for wheelchairs, but I have met clients who are wheelchair users.

Where/how to find the disability access entry: From the parking to the pathway there is an access ramp. But the entrance to the centre itself, I haven’t noticed a modified disability access entry.

Where/how to find disability car park: At the front of the car park there are designated disability parking spots, but the markings are very faint.

Indoor waiting area space for wheelchairs: Very limited and the space in the waiting area which is taken up by about 4 chairs, so wheelchair users would just wait in the walkway/entrance.