Bridgetown Community Resource Centre, 150 Hampton Street, Bridgetown WA 6255

Friendly helpful staff in a warm and welcoming centre where rooms are private and facilitate confidentiality.


Slopes: Our building is not on level ground. The rear of the building is slightly higher than the front. To overcome this there is an internal slope in the hallway.

Solid surface pathway or gravel etc: There is a footpath that encircles most of the building – front, one side, and rear.

Automatic entry/exit door: Our accessibility door (rear entry) is manually operated.

Doorway access for wheelchairs: Main building access is at the rear of the building. All internal doorways can accommodate a wheelchair.

Where/how to find the disability access entry: At the rear of the building. There is signage at the front of the building directing people toward our rear entry for disability access.

Where/how to find disability car park: There is no designated disability car park. Parking is either on the main street or at the rear of the building (access down Civic Ln – via the rear of the Shire carpark).

Indoor waiting area space for wheelchairs: Our reception area has room to manoeuvre a wheelchair, however there is no designated wheelchair waiting space.